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Ryan’s Birthday Fundraiser for LGBT Refugees Fleeing Kenya

LGBT refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya fled their countries because of anti-LGBT bigotry, but when they arrived at the camp, it was hell. Not only did LGBT refugees suffer from a lack of shelter, food, electricity, light, and medical assistance, but they suffered from violent anti-LGBT bigotry from the Kenyan government (including police), UNHCR staff, and other refugees.

Some of the friends we’ve helped before, like human-rights defender Kabanda who was brutally attacked by anti-LGBT bigots, have been forced to sneak out of Kakuma to get to UNHCR in South Sudan. There are still many in Kakuma who need to get out of Kenya since it openly declared that it is unwilling to work on LGBT refugee cases.

Those who are escaping Kakuma and those who have arrived in other nations like South Sudan desperately need our help. I cannot do it alone, so this year, for my birthday, I am asking you to chip in.

Please send our fellow human beings your love and financial assistance.

Video Call with LGBT Refugee

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