Logo with FAOU Strategies overlaid on pink triangle (gay / LGBTQ symbol) overlaid on black circle all enclosed by green circle symbolizing plants and nature.

What Is FAOU?

FAOU is for all of us. That means our strong commitment to our clients is rooted in a larger commitment—our commitment to ethics, empathy, and equity. Many of us came to this work because we know what it is like to be marginalized, to be left out, to have our voices ignored, and to have roadblocks in our paths.

We use our diverse personal and professional experiences to inform our strategies and benefit our clients. We keep our skills sharp, minimize biases, and ground our decisions in data and logic. We extensively research every campaign, every industry, every business, every nonprofit, and every policy that we work on.

Whether they are in the early phases of a startup or are an established leader looking to maintain that position, we are honored to guide our amazing clients on a spectrum of missions with strategies for all of us.


FAOU Strategies is a comprehensive strategy firm. We provide strategic and structural support to not-for-profit and for-profit enterprises and public figures, including political candidates. We consult on politics, government, diversity and inclusion, marketing, public relations, and business. While we do not currently offer legal services in house, as per Illinois law, we even provide advanced logistical support ranging from assisting with filing requirements and serving as a registered agent to notary services and drafting compelling testimony.

Logos, Style Guides, Trademarks, Brand Consistency, Brand Distinction
Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
HR Policy, Training, Philanthropy
Evolving and automating processes to streamline work and acquire data to measure performance
Research and implementation services for municipalities, counties, states, nations, and organs of the UN System
Progressive campaign strategy for communication, field, and fundraising
Renewable Energy, Water, Science, Ecology, Agriculture, Veganism

What We Do

It’s the first question we get. We get it. There’s no one like us. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill, corporate, PR firm. We see PR for what it is: public relations. Yes, we write press releases and coordinate ad campaigns, but at our core, we are leveraging technology, creativity, and expertise to build ways for nonprofits, businesses, governments, campaigns, and public figures to meaningfully connect with stakeholders and communities to make changes for the better.

Project Management

Crisis Management

Political and Issue Campaigns

Marketing and Advertising

Automation and AI

Environment and Sustainability

Policy and Implementation

Reputation Management

Risk Management

Political Committees

Sales and Distribution

Energy and Utilities

Web and Graphic Design

Organization Restructuring

Startup Entities

Coalition Building

Recruitment and Retention

Data Analysis and Aggregation

Strategic Planning and Assessment