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At FAOU Strategies, the value we deliver to clients has a strong connection to the values that define us. We break the mold and reimagine the landscape of public relations, centering authenticity and cultivating genuine standing, trust, and influence with stakeholders. We transcend politics, policy, and business, seamlessly integrating data and innovation with a profound commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our expertise lies not only in capturing attention but in crafting narratives that resonate across diverse audiences, maximizing the impact of our clients. By strategically aligning ourselves with movements that champion these values, we provide not just a service, but a transformative partnership.

As architects of progressive communication, our firm is uniquely positioned to elevate organizations, businesses, and movements. We don’t just amplify voices; we amplify values. Join us in reshaping the narrative of tomorrow, where our strategic communication doesn’t just promote success but fosters a positive societal shift. Together, we embark on a journey to not only inspire change but to lead the way toward a future where our shared values are not just communicated but embedded in every aspect of society.

FAOU is uniquely qualified in the energy space and environmental justice movement. Their expertise is unique in being adept with policy and grounded in environmental values, data, community, and grassroots organizing.

Christie Hicks
Senior Director and Lead Counsel
Environmental Defense Fund


is key to trust, and trust is key in public relations, whether it be trust with customers, community members, press, investors, or voters. We know that. Most firms are either centered on consistency or innovation. They fail to understand the full scope: the fragility of trust you have with your stakeholders and the simultaneous need to adapt.


is not only necessary for growth; it is necessary for relevance. Whether you are providing services or products, fundraising or governing, you need to be proactively evolving. We remain constant in our values but never stop innovating. Our firm thrives on the dynamic interplay between cutting-edge technology and business strategy. We empower organizations to evolve and thrive by leveraging data as a catalyst for transformation. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends ensures that our clients not only keep pace with change but lead the way in shaping the future of their industries.

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Insights from Our Leadership

picture of Ryan O'Donnell, the chief strategist, a multiracial Black LGBT (homosexual, gay, queer) man

Ryan O’Donnell

Chief Strategist

Since our inception, we have been mission driven. In fact, we almost began as a nonprofit. I think that is because of who we are. Personally, I have lived a life full of challenges, unwarranted challenges: discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, homelessness, etc. As marginalized people, whether it be because of race, gender, sexual orientation, or other physical or mental differences, I think we are often pushed into the role of solving problems from which we suffer that were created by others.

To an extent, that makes sense. With a wider breadth of experience, we are more naturally able to achieve an expertise than those who have less perspective. Still, when we see the grassroots champions of marginalized identities putting in underpaid or unpaid labor, they are usually one of us, but when we see the champions who are allowed to seek profit and personal advancement, they are often allies, whom we value and cherish but who are not us.

Before I go any further, let me be clear; FAOU Strategies is not a “diversity hire,” and we offer far more than DEI consulting. We are charting our own path and proving our validity as a comprehensive strategy firm that transcends the usual confines of a PR firm, a tech company, a policy organization, a DEI consultancy, or a think tank. We do not share our identity for charity. We share our identity because it is part of the many qualities that make us the best. Diversity is a strength; having a team with broad life-experiences is a strength. Charity is hiring firms without this strength.

So, who am I to lead such an elite and versatile enterprise? First of all, I am a teammate, a fantastic teammate for FAOU and for clients, the kind of teammate who has played every position. In fact, I have spent much of my life and career behind others. My experience as an organizer and behind principals, whether they were business leaders, organization leaders, elected officials, or candidates, has made me astute at constructing ethical plans that navigate optics and cultivate and leverage goodwill to accomplish the goals of our clients.

Secondly, I am an expert strategist. While my world-class formal education domestically and abroad gave me quantitative expertise in game theory and other strategic concepts by being centered on mathematics, science, and economics, it was nevertheless filled with a myriad of experiences in Washington DC, Switzerland, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Morocco that broadened my strategic competency in qualitative ways. Moreover, the cultural augmentations by Howard University students and professors of India, Nepal, and of course the global African Diaspora from Nigeria to the Caribbean furthered that understanding.

Most importantly, my education is always evolving. It has advanced via political and issue campaigns and organizations, environmental organizations, marketing and sales companies, business education organizations, web development programs, press programs, and utility regulation programs, including the DNC‘s Best Practices Institute, NDTC, Renew U.S., IDCCA, SCORE, BACP, and EDF, to name a few. This mathematic proficiency, PR expertise, political and policy adroitness, tech mastery, and business acumen have sharpened my skills to analyze data and combine qualitative strategies with quantitative strategies. For all these reasons, FAOU Strategies has a unique ability to tailor services to clients using creative, data-driven, logical solutions to address complex needs.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our values. We navigate the complex landscape balancing confidentiality with transparency with an unwavering commitment to ethics. Our clients trust us not only for our expertise but for the integrity we bring to every aspect of our work, ensuring that their messages are not only well-received in the immediate press cycle but precise and achievable.


Embedded in the fabric of FAOU is a rich tapestry of diversity. We do not attempt to “white”-wash or assimilate; we revolutionize. We reinterpret professionalism and the status quo, boldly recognizing and incorporating, marginalized cultures into the spaces we enter, including professional spaces. This cultural richness infuses our work with authenticity and resonates in our work for the betterment of our clients and society.


Our standards are a beacon guiding us through the intricacies of policy, politics, AI, branding, and business. As a Black-owned, LGBTI-owned business, we set the bar high, not just for diverse businesses but all PR firms, tech companies, graphic designers, and campaigns. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond conventional metrics. We are the cutting edge. We systemize and even code tools to minimize human error and model data to inform the strategies we provide to clients.